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1) Sponsor advertising brokerage business

We will help domestic companies who are thinking of developing a soccer business overseas.

We undertake all business (planning, design, implementation / survey, analysis, report creation, proposal) related to sponsorship between Japanese companies and Spanish soccer clubs.


2) Event business

We will send various contents through the web and SNS.

We will carry out a lot of content such as online events and soccer classes inviting professional soccer players.

The company name and company logo of domestic companies will be posted on background images at online events, pamphlets and posters for soccer classes, and will be displayed at the stadium.


3) Soccer study abroad mediation business

Utilizing the connection, we will undertake all the work related to studying abroad.

We will also respond to questions about studying abroad if you are concerned about the length of stay, travel, insurance, etc.

We offer short-term plans (2 weeks) to long-term plans (3 months or more).



* Currently preparing.





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